Puppy Care : When to Worm Newborn Puppies

hello i'm dr. greg mcdonald I'm a

veterinarian in Southern California and

I know my own McDonald Animal Hospital I

want to talk a little bit about worming

puppies people who get a new puppy are

always thinking about worms because it's

a very common thing puppies get

intestinal parasites mostly from their

mother that will get it through the milk

as well as the placenta and it

especially in a mother that's giving

birth to the first litter they give a

whole bunch of new worms to the first

litter of puppies so it's very critical

that they do get wormed early on I think

that it's important first of all to know

which worms that your puppies have these

are heart worms and these heart worms

can be transmitted by mosquitos and

again something that your dog should be

on prevention we also have whip worms

whipworms are worms that your dog can

get from stool of other dogs the hook

worms are especially dangerous because

they actually suck blood out of your dog

and another one that they can be

transmitted from the mother to the

puppies the round worms are another one

that compete in the intestinal tract for

food and a heavy worm load of the round

worms can be very serious for your puppy

we also have a issue with some of these

worms that can be transmitted to humans

there are several products that we like

to use for controlling parasites and

animals and one of my favorites is

Sentinel Sentinel is a product that I

like because it takes care of multiple

different worms and intestinal parasites

as well as fleas and heartworm your

puppy should be on it starting at 4

months of age tapeworms are another

thing that is common to young dogs they

can get it because they have fleas if

they have fleas they can get tapeworms

and we have a couple of products one's

an oral and one's an injectable this is

the injectable one that we can give and

it's again it's a product that you give

an injection and it kills all of the

tapeworms in your dog this is another

one it's the same product actually but

it comes orally and so this is a product

that you can give your pet orally to try

and control the tapeworm the tapeworms

are transmitted by the dog biting into a

flea so you need to have good flea

control in order

we'll take worms