Xulane Patch MUST KNOW INFO 2019

If you have questions about the Xulane patch and how it works, make sure you stay tuned,

I'm gonna tell you all you need to know.

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What is the Xulane patch?

It's a form of birth control that comes in the form of a patch that you apply directly

to the skin.

Even to your arm, your belly, your buttocks or your back.

You apply one patch to your skin.

You leave it on for week, and then you change it to another patch the same day the following


You do that to three weeks, and then that fourth week, you're patch free.

That's when you have your menstrual cycle.

Make sure you stay to the end of the video so I can tell you all about my personal experience

using the Xulane patch.

Ladies, now you will have to go to the doctor because they do have to prescribe the patch

to you.

And at that time, they'll go over the counter indications because there are some warnings

that advise against using the patch.

Not gonna protect you against STIs or HIV.

So when do you start the patch?

Xulane itself actually suggests that you start your patch on the Sunday after your menstrual


So you'll apply a patch on Sunday and then the next Sunday you will take that one off

and you'll put another one on.

Remember, there are three patches inside of that box.

So one box is enough for a whole month.

After that third week, you'll pull that patch off.

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So how does it really work?

The patch has medicine inside of it, and when you place it on your skin, the medicine actually

goes into the bloodstream that way.

Now there are some side effects to using the patch.

Some of them include Up tenderness of the breasts.



Skin irritation.

And there are a few more.

So that's why I told you, make sure you talk to your doctor about it and if you have anything

going on that's weird or odd, let them know.

All right, so it's time for me to tell my story about my experience with the patch.

I have not had any problems with it.

I've been using it for about nine months now and I haven't had any issues.

No skin irritation.

No tenderness in the breasts.

No anything.

And I actually switched from the Nuvaring.

So if you wanna know about my Nuvaring experience, then make sure to comment down below.

I like it a lot better, to say that, than the Nuvaring.

It's just you set it, and you really don't have to think about it at all.

I set a timer in my phone to remind me to change because I have to have reminders for


Do you have to have reminders for everything?

I have to have reminders of everything.

And I've never had one fall off.

So that's the video.

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