How To Start Yoga | 3 Simple Steps For Beginners

I get asked a lot about yoga and so here

is my beginner's guide to start yoga the

first step to start yoga is to ask

yourself why why do you want to start

yoga is there a specific reason or is it

just because it's a trend do you want to

calm your anxiety and reduce stress

would you like to get fitter or would

you like to get more flexible these are

the few things that you should ask

yourself before starting yoga because

this will depend on what kind of yoga

you're gonna be practicing and the way

that you're gonna be practicing yoga in

general so just to know why in general

you want to be starting with yoga have a

clear intention of what you would like

to achieve with it it could be multiple

reasons it doesn't need to be just one

but it will really help you to have a

clear idea of what kind of practice

you're going for so once you know why

you want to start yoga the second step

is to know where would you like to

practice are you someone who like to

practice at home and doesn't have any

yoga studio closeby or would you rather

train with people and be in some kind of

environment where you can also be social

at the same time in my personal

experience I have done both I've

practiced at home and I went to classes

the thing is when you start yoga you

don't really know much about it and it's

really important that you know things

properly before you get too deep into

the stretches and different poses that

yoga have so my personal advice would be

to start with yoga schools and yoga

studios go to a class where there is a

teacher that will be able to guide you

and so you will be able to discover yoga

through a class I feel also like the

energy is different when you go to the

class then when you do it at home it's a

very nice experience it's not just a

simple workout and the advantage of

going to yoga

and yoga studios is that you will be

able first of all to learn the poses

properly but also you will be able to

practice with different teachers which

is something that I would highly

recommend especially in the beginning

when you're not sure what you like and

what you don't like in terms of yoga

going through school usually they have a

lot of different yoga classes and a lot

of different teachers and that will

really help you have a wider range of

idea about yoga and what it can be and

what you like and what you don't like

the second way you can do it is by

practicing at home through YouTube

videos or apps there's a lot of content

online that you can already practice

with and learn the only thing is that

you won't have someone with you helping

you in case you are not being aligned or

if you're not doing the pause properly

even though it might be really well

explained on screen that's why I

recommend to yoga studios but practicing

at home is a really good practice to

implement in your team it builds some

discipline you can do it at any time of

the day you don't have to shoot to a

certain schedule you can also maybe

listen to your body more because when

you practice at home you won't be

distracted by what other people are

doing I have this that when I go to the

yoga studio in some classes sometimes I

tend to look at others and compare

myself to others that's when you're

pushing maybe yourself a little too hard

or not enough and practicing at home

with just yourself will be really good

for you to really focus on yourself and

do that on your own also when practicing

at home you will need some equipment so

I will talk about that in the next step

but for now I just wanted to share with

you guys my favorite YouTube channels to

practice yoga at home there is a couple

I will link them all down below the

other advanced

just practicing at home it that it

doesn't cost anything besides maybe the

equipment that you might have to

purchase that's definitely gonna be a

lot more affordable than going to a

studio every week when it comes to apps

I know there are a lot of apps for

practicing yoga I've never tried any of

them to practice yoga at home I usually

do it on YouTube because I can put it on

my computer and it's a bigger screen and

I just have been doing like that and

it's been working great for me but I

will also link down below an article

where it shares some of the most famous

and well ranked yoga apps that's on the

market at the moment oh and one more

thing about practicing at home is that a

lot of the classes online are shorter

than the classes you will go when you go

to yoga studio most yoga studios the

classes will last in between an hour to

two hours two hour and a half most of

the time it's about an hour to an hour

and a half the classes but some classes

last a lot longer so when you want to

just get a quick practice in YouTube and

practicing at home is a really good

option for you another way to practice

yoga is to go to a retreat I have never

been on a retreat before but I'm really

excited to tell you guys that I'm going

on a retreat this coming March it's a

yoga retreat in Morocco they're offering

a really good discount code for you guys

so if you're interested let me know send

me a message on Instagram or down here I

will also link the website down below so

if you guys would like to check it out

there's only a few spots left and it

would be really nice to hang with some

of you guys there

so the retreat is a really good time for

you to just focus on your yoga practice

when you go to a retreat you will have a

variety of meditation and yoga and

different types of yoga because you will

most likely be practicing yoga a couple

times a day so it allows you to have a


tennis practice maybe in the morning to

get your sweat in and then in the

evening maybe a more gentle yoga

practice to go to sleep and be more calm

and relaxed at night so it's a really

nice experience to deepen your practice

but it also could be a really good

experience for you to start with yoga

because you will always be able to adapt

your level and and it would be like a

really intense week for you to learn the

basics about yoga so I don't necessarily

recommend that you're an advanced yogi

to go to a retreat

most of the retreats and especially the

one I'm going to is construct it to

allow any level to come to the retreat

and so even if you're completely new to

yoga you will be able to adapt the

practices to your level and same if

you're really advanced retreats are also

great if you are really stressed and

have been building up a lot of tension

to just go somewhere and release all of

that through yoga and meditation and

being in another environment that in

your home and it's just a really good

experience to be discovering a new place

while also practicing health and fitness

while you're traveling as I said if you

have any questions about the yoga

retreat I'm going to I could send you

more information about it and you could

potentially come with me or they are

planning a few ones during 2019 so if

these dates don't work for you

there are also other availabilities

another thing that I didn't mention is

that you can also practice yoga outside

so you can go to the lake to the beach

to the mountain Yoga is something you

can practice anywhere and there are

poses that you will require a yoga mat

so you are really more than welcome to

experiment with it and just bring yoga

wherever you go and finally the last

step to start yoga is how how am I going

to start yoga what do I need all first

of all you will need some equipment it

can be very minimal

if you are planning on just going to

yoga studio it depends on your yoga

studio but a lot of them do you offer

mats sometimes you have to pay to rent

it and sometimes it's completely free so

if you're planning on going there a lot

it will be worth it over time to

purchase your own and bring it there

having your own mat will also allow you

to practice at home so that's a really

good purchase I think in my opinion I

have purchased a really good yoga mat

and it was definitely an expensive

purchase for a yoga mat but its lifetime

guaranteed and I've been so happy with

it and I would highly recommend you to

invest in one if you're practicing yoga

regularly over time it's gonna be more

than worth the price of it if you're

someone who's traveling a lot then I

would recommend going with a travel mask

personally I have a very big mat at home

and that's all I have I don't have a

travel mat that's something I might be

looking into but for now I just have one

that I keep at home and I usually never

bring it to classes when I go to yoga

classes I take the yoga mat from the

studio and that's how it's been working

for me so far I will also link down

below the yoga mat I personally use they

also have sales so look at those sales

sometimes they have really good prices

on specific colors and designs so you

can check it out if there is anything

that interests you I'm not paid to say

any of that I just really really like

the yoga mat that I have and I've been

super happy with it then another

question that I got a lot from you guys

is how long do you practice yoga for and

how often like how many times a week so

for me over these five years that I've

been practicing yoga it's kind of like

changed all the time I started maybe

like once a week and then I stopped and

then I did it they maybe once a month

and then another period I did it every

day so it really depends on where I

whoa I feel like doing you know in the

summer I do a lot of running and cycling

so maybe I won't practice yoga as much

as a workout as in the winter in the

winter I like to sweat with yoga and

also relax but I will do more yoga

whereas in the summer use yoga more as

like a stretching and strengthening

exercise but not as a proper workout so

that really depends on the weather you

just want to be practicing yoga to get

fit or to relax or if you are planning

to do yoga to complement some others for

that YouTube that's the cool thing about

yoga is that you can change your

practice all the time and that's how

I've been doing it some periods I do it

every day for 20 minutes some periods

like right now I do it every day pretty

much for like an hour an hour and a half

and that's a lot I go to hot yoga so it

really depends how you feel and what you

really want with yoga and that comes

back to why and why you're doing yoga I

would recommend that you start pretty


because yoga will train muscles in your

body that you might not have trained in

the past with other sports I'm a

triathlete and I thought that was pretty

fit and I started yoga and I started

having pain all over my body

it wasn't like injuries but definitely

soreness that's why I say also that Yoga

is great if you want to complement it

with some other sport and and also if

you just want to do yoga and do it like

three times a week or more than that

maybe if you want to do only yoga then

you could alternate between very slow

and gentle practices and then very

challenging one

that you really want to get a sweat and

then the last thing is to decide whether

you want to have a yoga routine where

you do every day the same flow for

example some people like to do that in

the morning

to get some kind of discipline and get

into this flow everyday and they like

the repetition and repetition is really

good if you want to progress but it's

also good to alternate things so maybe

you're the kind of person that kind of

gets tired of always doing the same

things so maybe it would make more sense

for you to try two different yoga

classes and then do some at home and

then do some hot yoga to sweat a lot and

then some yin yoga like very gentle yoga

and alternate between all the types of

yoga that you do maybe that's more for

you that's really personal I think and

then it will also evolve as you practice

I have periods where I just practice

yoga on my own without videos or

guidance that's really nice because if

you really listen to your body and

decide to focus on whatever poses that

make you feel good and post it that you

like or a specific area of your body

that you want to stretch so that's

really up to you but I would say if

you're just starting out learning with a

teacher will be super helpful and you

will learn a lot and then once you've

kind of acquired the basics then you can

have any practice on your own if you

like that as well so it's very

personalized I said and it can evolve

over time and then also a lot of you

guys asked me if what if I'm not

flexible and I used to be the least

flexible person I know

I couldn't even touch my feet like

standing with my legs straight when I

was like 14 at that age you should be

able to be doing pretty much anything

and I was like 22 centimeters above the

ground I was like really far from

touching my feet and now I can do it

without even warming up Yoga is

definitely going to help you become more

flexible whether you want it or not

and some

practices will help you in different

areas of your body so some people are

really flexible on the hips but then

they're really not flexible on Imus

trainees for example so you can then

also adjust your practice with what you

need specifically but that you

definitely don't need to be flexible to

do yoga it will just come by itself the

more you practice it the easier it's

gonna become so I hope these tips were

helpful and this was a very interesting

video for you guys I really hope I

answered most of you guys questions and

if you have any further a question about

it let me know in the comments if there

is anything that I didn't mention and

you felt was really meaningful or

relevant in that video and I forgot to

mention it let me know down below so

that's it for today thank you guys so

much for watching make sure you

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I'll see you guys very soon