I Did Yoga EVERY DAY for A YEAR And This Is What Happened.

every yoga practice is a new beginning

new journey in which you get to choose

the ending and the more I realize this

the more broadened my knowledge on yoga

and soon I came to realize that it isn't

just exercise it's a state of mind a

state of peace that is so hard to find

off the mat I see myself gravitating

towards yoga more and more every day

and that's how I started this challenge

I wanted to I felt called to do

something that I could put my time into

that wasn't staring at a screen doing

school doing work something that I could

flow put my creativity into something

that was fun exercise and allowed me to

breathe and learn how to use my breath

yoga allowed me to find something that I

enjoyed more than working myself so I'm

gonna allow me to feel productive

without having to work myself to the

ground and that's why I started this

challenge 365 days in a row of yoga

non-stop no breaks and it changed my

life this is how hey guys and welcome to

or back to my channel just gonna get

right at this video booth I'm super

excited to be filming this so if you

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I upload so the day that I am posting

this will be 365 days in a row of me

doing at least 5 minutes of yoga



bags and it's changed my life there are

so many things I want to talk about in

this video in so many ways that I've

been affected by this so many ways I've

grown from this and I really just want

to get into it and you guys are always

asking me how long I've been doing yoga

and everything related to yoga because I

post a lot of yoga inspired things on my

Instagram feed and you guys seems to

really enjoy those so I thought that I

would first do this video and then from

there I'm gonna be showing you guys more

of my yoga journey so I didn't start

doing yoga until I was probably around

13 I did it a little bit on and off it

wasn't really like doing yoga though it

was more just getting on my mat and just

playing around which is still amazing

but I didn't start doing yoga

consecutively until I was around

probably 15 when I was 15 I started to

actually do it but I thought thought I

would just tell you guys kind of my back

history with exercise and just go into

that a little bit I'm not gonna go too

far into detail because it's just gonna

be way too long if I do that but pretty

much I was a competitive gymnast from

the time I was around 5 to the time I

was 12 or 13 I was a competitive

optional gymnast so I trained for hours

for around five days a week

not including competitions and meats and

yeah I mean that puts so much stress and

anxiety on my body I developed some

xiety like I said before and I got

inside attacks I was under a very

high-stress environment it just wasn't

good for me my parents ended up pulling

me out no after that I did a couple of

other workouts and other exercise

classes but for school I did volleyball

I did track and dance that wasn't for

school and I did those for around two

years I played around with just trying

to find what I wanted to do and find an

exercise routine and activity that made

me happy and made me healthy but dance

was the last thing that I did I really

just didn't enjoy the environment there

and I quit that and after that I'm done

anything else outside of just doing home

workouts 2018 and beginning of 2017

was one of the hardest years of my life

and it really was I struggled in school

not academic

but mentally I I would come home crying

pretty much every day I had anxiety

attacks so often often like way more

often that I would like to admit I was

stressed out my body was under so much

stress and I think that also that comes

with just you know going up in high

school and um and obviously just the

workload that I was not used to I was

like oh my gosh like I am so stressed

right now and I really saw that take a

toll on my body and I saw my mental

well-being just plummet down and from

there I really decided that I need to

make a change I mean school stress

really stayed the same

until I switched to online school which

I'm in now but 2018 on the day that you

guys are watching this I made a goal for

myself to complete a 365 days straight

yoga challenge and it really changed my

life it opened up so many more

opportunities for me and really allowed

me to grow and allow me to flourish and

I know that that's just gonna seem so

weird like how can doing up like half an

hour of yoga every single day change

your life but I'm gonna tell you guys so

I really haven't been doing yoga for

that long I started around 2017 when I

first went vegan I started to do yoga

and I really didn't do that often and I

didn't understand the impact that yoga

had on me and on my mood but when I

started this challenge I was committed I

really wanted to do it because I knew

that it was something that I could work

towards and something that could let my

mind be off of school and be off of AP

and honors classes I just needed that

escape I know for people who are new to

my channel you have no clue who I am and

hello first of all but I have grown on

this channel and I've evolved into the

person who I am today and part of that

reason was from this challenge and it

was from doing yoga and just being

present with myself so I have a lot of

stuff that can talk and I can honestly

wear a blonde for so long about this but

I had separated into sections I my

little notebook here and I'm just going

to get right into it so the first

section that I want to talk about is my

mental health and how doing yoga has a

did my mental well-being the first part

I want to talk about which is definitely

unique to me but its commitment and it

really showed me that if I put my mind

to something I could complete that if I

made the goal of doing it every single

day I could do it and looking at it now

like I'm so proud of myself I am not

missed one day except actually I missed

one day because I was an airplane but

besides that if you even be committed to

something for a year straight you have

unless possibilities of what's to come

so that definitely had a big impact on

my mind shift and it really transformed

the way I was thinking towards myself

and my self motivation and my self love

and also my anxiety just went down

incredibly hard to say if Alice because

I switched online school or if that was

from the yoga but yoga definitely had a

huge impact in it because when I'm doing

yoga I'm not thinking about anything

else I'm a present but it was really

just a way that I could escape the

stress from the school and escape the

stress for my life and put all the

energy into something else and I

developed a lot of new skills I evolved

and I was able to learn things I didn't

even know my body was capable of which

is just crazy to me but it really really

elevated my sense of peace within myself

I still have anxiety I get anxious I get

inside attacks but it is nowhere near

the amount that I had before I started

doing yoga which is just amazing I'm

such a happier person now and uh it's

just it's amazing the second part that I

want to talk about is my physical

strength and I'm not gonna be talking

about the way my body looks necessarily

because I really haven't seen that

dramatic fit impact on my body because

my body has always looked pretty much

the same way from doing gymnastics

I've always been small and I've always

been strong because that is how I grew

up I grew up doing gymnastics I grew up

doing loads of push-ups loads of

pull-ups my body really hasn't changed

that much

but I have definitely seen it impact on

the strength of it because I think

there's a big difference in being strong

and being bulky and looking strong I

feel so much stronger in positions doing

Dean yoga and everything like that I

feel like I am capable so I feel like my

body is just flourishing it's like it's

so hard to explain but I feel so much

stronger and I'm not even that much

bigger but I just feel so much stronger

and I feel more confident in my body I'm

learning to accept my body and learning

to love my physical state and one of the

last parts I want to talk about is

something that I have no clue if anyone

else has even thought about this or has

been impacted in this way but I feel so

much more creative I don't know like

again I don't know if that's because I'm

doing online school now so I have more

time throughout my day to be creative

but every single time I finish a yoga

class I don't want to do anything

unproductive you know I don't want to

look on YouTube I don't want to be on

Instagram all I want to do is create

whether that's baking a new recipe or

you know painting or drawing or

sketching or writing or poetry I just

have so much inside of me now that I

just feel like I need to get out and I

have so much more creative power and in

saying that I have developed skills that

I never knew I had and I've been playing

ukulele more I've been singing more and

just doing more things I love to do I've

been reading like crazy lately which I

went through a period in my life where I

just didn't read um I think I was just

so burned out with school but I have

been reading and I freaking loved

reading I'm so happy that I'm reading

now but in all it really just allowed me

to have a shift in my mindset towards

creativity and I was able to be so much

more creative I really hope that this

inspired some of you guys to just get on

your mat and try yoga if you don't know

how there are so many yoga tutorials on

YouTube you don't need a class you don't

need an

mine subscription that costs you money

there are so many free resources and I

really strongly suggest just you guys to

just try just do one class you don't

have to like it

yoga isn't for everyone just like weight

lifting isn't for everyone but if you

like it

do it and do it as much as you can

because you'll see a difference yeah so

I really hope that you guys enjoyed this

little quick video on my little recap

and if you did please make sure to give

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thank you and I'll see you very very



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