Advice for Yoga Beginners - Where To Start? Q&A

hi guys welcome to my channel my name is

Kassandra and today I'm joined by Brett


Brett has a you'll be youtube channel

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Larkin yoga so today I'm kind of

switching things up a little bit and I

just wanted to get a little bit more

candid and talk to you guys

so it's January and whenever we get into

that month there's kind of an energy in

the air about wanting to start new

routines and then change your lifestyle

a little bit we can put a little bit of

pressure on ourselves and we kind of you

know we get all crazy of our resolutions

because we want to get healthier which

is a really wonderful thing to want and

yoga seems like a natural fit for that

after yoga beginner when you're trying

to start yoga it can be really

overwhelming there him--as dating yeah

intimidating there are so many different

kinds of yoga classes and yoga styles

and do you want to practice in a studio

if you want to do it at home how are you

supposed to practice at home it can be

really overwhelming and it can deter

people from starting or even maintaining

a yoga practice so I have kind of

combined my five tips that I would like

to share with you on how to start our

yoga practice in a way that's

sustainable and realistic also and easy

we want to keep it really easy and

simple and Brett as an amazing yoga

teacher and Yogi's his hell or yogi

yourself is going to offer us her advice

as well so first and foremost I think

when you are just starting off number

one tip use the Internet

we are in the amazing era of the

internet and you have so many free yoga

resources right at your fingertips like

my channel and breast so instead of

going you know to classes and studios or

shelling out a bunch of money to try

something that you don't even really

know if you're going to enjoy or not go

online and just type yoga and see what

comes up so Internet by far is the

biggest and best resource you will have

at your disposal especially if you're

just intimidated to go to a class you

feel like you won't be able to follow

along to do some classes at home first

and then you'll just get a sense of what

the poses are what the names are when

you actually hit the studio you'll feel

so much more comfortable I have to

that's the number one feedback or

message that people send me like viewers

like yourself will sometimes write in to

me and say thank you I was too scared to

go to a yoga class for you know XYZ then

you just didn't feel comfortable going

to a studio because they're new to the

practice and they were able to start and

maintain you maintain a yoga practice of

just using free resources online why not

right yeah so yeah why not so that's

definitely my first piece of advice

second piece of advice if you want to

start a yoga practice is you need to get

some gear

but you stuff you already have so you

know yoga mats yoga clothing blocks

straps bolsters wheels it can all get a

little too much and a little pricey to

be honest so if you're not really sure

if yoga is going to be right for you I

always recommend that people use what

they have don't go go out and buy a

bunch of clothes wear something that's

loose and comfortable that you can just

move in when I practice at home I

practice in my pajamas so yeah you know

free you don't need to go out and buy a

bunch of fancy stuff and even when it

comes to actual gear so the first yoga

mat I ever bought was a $5 mat and I

used it for three years

it was my all-time favorite you know

mine was a twelve dollar mat I went to

India with me two times and I still have

it and won't even get it off for

sentimental reasons

so I have to get rid of it cuz like it

had like streaks on it I tried to watch

it and it just made it way worse yeah

the bottom line is you don't need

expensive stuff to get started just

start you don't exactly and props really

are useful like blossom strap and stuff

especially if you know that you're

inflexible and you want that extra

little help but you can use stuff that

you already have at home so if you don't

own a strap I like to use a belt it does

almost the same thing and pretty much

everyone has it felt at home right and

for a block a really thick book like a

dictionary works wonders for a bolster

just grab some cushions and some pillows

like get creative you really don't need

to be spending a bunch of money spend

money when you know about to see

something you're going to want to invest

and that's another thing I tell people

before you buy the expensive mat or buy

the nice blocks or strap try them out in

the studio first most studios have like

brands of props

see a brand that you like note that down

and then you know you're getting

something you already like yeah


all right so tip number three and this

was key for me when I was starting my

own yoga practice variety is the most

important so we've already kind of

talked about this there are like a ton

of different styles of yoga out there

Kundalini power half the vinyasa Yin

restored a prenatal a power I'm dizzy

I'm dizzy yeah exactly

so I need me being pretty experienced I

love that there's a lot of variety

because it means I have lots of stuff to

play with but when you're new you go to

a class and you're like oh my god I

don't know what any of these mean and it

kind of it can turn you off they can

really turn you off to the practice of

yoga so when you're new my challenge to

you and this is exactly what I did when

I was first starting off I picked five

styles and I tried all of them so my

favorite ones like hatha vinyasa flow

Yin restorative and power I think give

you a well-rounded overview of what yoga

is like so you can do you know

restorative or again if you're looking

for something that's a little bit easier

to just mellow out and gain flexibility

if you're looking for you know to get a

little lean and get a little stronger

you can go for vinyasa flow and power

whereas hatha will be a little bit more

of a well-rounded practice but the

mistake I see people make is that bill

go to one class in one specific style

not like it and then quit yo that's it

yoga's not for them they hate yoga yeah

and it's hip here for those of you who

are on a budget as most studios have

intro specials for new students so you

should go to every studio that's

remotely near you and do the intro

special because it's really inexpensive

and you'll be able to try a bunch of

different styles on the cheap yeah

absolutely so that's my challenge to you

pick a couple styles and go out and try

them until you find something that you

like or take it and next we need to try

a lot and for you find the right till

you fall in love and you might fall in

love with a couple different styles

that's fine too yeah

with an app okay fourth tip and this is

really really really important

especially in our age of social media

keep it simple don't worry about what

everyone else is doing it's really easy

to go online and see everyone doing like

handstands and crazy arm balances and

poses that you look at and it turns you

off because you think oh it's a CEO go

no way I'm going to be able to do yoga

but really there is such a wide scope

and a wide range of practices that come

with yoga it doesn't all have to be

crazy poses it can be meditation and

breathing exercises and just really

simple postures that you'll find in a

beginner class don't get caught up in

the Sigma of being a beginner being a

beginner is amazing it's such a

wonderful opportunity to grow and you

can really only go up from there so go

to the beginner yoga classes and enjoy

them don't worry about all the fancy

other stuff that people are doing focus

on how you feel I agree to see if you

can put blinders on even I get

intimidated by half the stuff I see on

Instagram yeah I can't do any of that

stuff and instead of beating myself up I

just a focus on my practice and what

works for me so you guys should do the

same thing yeah the great thing about

yoga is that it's different from other

kind of sports and physical activity

that tend to focus on the outcome right

so how good am I at something you open a

lot different it'll focus on how do I

feel when I'm doing something so it

doesn't really matter what you look like

even though you know on social media we

might enjoy the images it doesn't matter

if you're able to do it if you don't

feel good while you're doing it right so

keep it simple and you should be fine

yeah all right last tip when you're

ready you know you've gone online tried

some classes by yourself at home I'm

just gonna put it out there go and take

a class I know tipping the class can be

really intimidating and sometimes you

just feel like you don't really belong

you go to a class and everyone looks so

bendy and so you know strong and

advanced and my best tip and that's what

I did also at birth is I brought a buddy

so I didn't want to go alone and

no one so I brought a friend and we went

to a beginner class and that's how it

all started yeah another tip ad throw in

there is tell the teacher you're new and

introduce yourself and tell the teacher

that you want hands on adjustments

because a lot of times teachers if they

don't know you they'll be a little

tentative until they see you in class a

couple of times to adjust you but if

you're comfortable being touched and you

really want attention from the teacher

feel free to tell them that at the

beginning of class because we have

teachers I mean we don't know how much

attention each person gets and what

they're comfortable with so if you go up

to the teacher say hey I'm a beginner

I'm really trying to get better I don't

get to teach or I don't get to practice

in person that much will you you know

give me some hands-on adjustments as

teachers are usually really open to that

yeah I found it really hard to follow

along the first time or the first couple

of times I took a yoga class I had come

from the world of dance where everything

is very much laid out you know every

single alignment cue is perfectly

outlined and detailed and then I got to

yoga and yoga is very much about how you

feel and how you're breathing so I had a

hard time following which meant I was

looking at everyone else in the class

which was good because I was able to

follow along but then I fell into that

trap where I was comparing myself so

just leave that out the door you know

you're you're not you're not here to

look at everyone else you can look at

them for guidance but really this is

about you this is about you doing

something positive and healthy for your

own well-being and that is so important

and so beautiful so don't let other

people muddy that for you and destroy it

right yeah yeah yeah anything else you'd

like to add other tips that I haven't

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developing some more beginner friendly

yoga practice on my channel although I

do have a lot already so if you want to


one and use the Internet to your

advantage you can look at mine and

breasts beginner yoga classes yeah a lot

of good stuff out there so alright I

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