How and When to Seed Start Zucchini & Squash Indoors: Warm Weather - The Rusted Garden 2014

welcome to the rustic garden today I'm

gonna talk to you about how and when to

plant your squash and zucchini inside

this is a Kenya over here this is a dark

green zucchini and this is a straight

Nick early yellow squash they were

planted on January 22nd today is

February 12 so it's been about three

weeks of growth to get the squash and

the zucchini to this size so you really

want to start use a Kenyan squash about

four weeks before it's ready to get into

the garden these are getting up to size

you can probably hold them in these

containers for four or five weeks you

definitely want to start your squash and

your zucchini in containers about this

size you don't want to use the little

seed cells they'll quickly over grow

that it's gonna disturb the roots and

you're just not going to get a healthy

plant but anyway this is an early

straight neck and you can see how large

it is this isn't this is about 21 days

worth of growth so they grow really


unlike tomatoes and peppers you don't

want to go 6 8 10 weeks and doors with

these plants you only want to go

probably you know 3 to 5 weeks and then

get them outside and what it means for

timing is it's not 5 weeks for zucchini

and squash or 4 weeks for zucchini and

squash to get them outside when there's

no frost the ground actually has to be

warm these are warm weather plants so

you're starting these indoors to get a

jump but they really have to go into the

ground when the ground temperatures are

you know well over 50 degrees you have

70 degree days when it's warmer when

it's a consistently warmer soil and

warmer days start these plants inside

about 4 weeks when you start them

indoors a couple of things to keep in

mind is pre moisten your starting mix

you always want to do that make sure the

containers have holes in the bottom and

I always water from the bottom these

would go into a tray like over here I

fill up the tray let them absorb the

water from the bottom that's just a

better way to do it it's easier you can

water more plants more quickly save

yourself some time and it just keeps

that the plants cleaner you're not

splashing soil around up top and moving

mold or disease around when you fill up

these cells it looks pretty good

but you want to make sure you pack it

down for zucchini and squash make a nice

solid base for the seeds to grow into

and when you pack it down you're good to

see you need some more so I call it

thumb packing so you fill up the cell

pack it down with your thumb add some

more and press it down these plants I

only do one seed about a little more

than a half an inch they get big you you

could put two seeds in they usually I

talked about doing more than one in case

one doesn't germinate but zucchini and

squash have a pretty good germination

rate so make a hole in the middle about

half an inch take out a couple of seeds

look for one that looks the best I mean

this one's a little bit thin so maybe a

nice nice-sized seed drop it in

grab your starting mix fill it over and

you're good to go

and then you would label it I use

popsicle sticks just put on whatever you

want so you know what you're growing

drop it in and in about three weeks

you're early straight neck squash will

look like this your zucchini will look

like this and again four or five weeks

before they're ready to go out into warm

soil and warm temperatures hope you

enjoyed the video please check out my

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